Wine Frappé
Our Wine Frappé is a delicious, sweet & fruity slush that is very refreshing on a hot summer day, or in front of a cozy fire. Our excellent flavors make any wine or liquor taste delicious. We're offering you a cool & refreshing deal! Buy any of your favorite Wine Frappé mixes for 3/$30, 6/$50 or 13/$100, and SAVE!
Wine Frappé

Make the perfect wine frappé

Mix one bag with one 24.5oz bottle of your choice of a dry white or red wine and add 24.5oz of water. Simply mix, freeze, stir & enjoy! See our recipes page for more ideas! Our Very Berry Raspberry flavor is fortified with vitamins.



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    Warm Mulling Spice pairs well with a Port, Burgundy or a Merlot.

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    Enjoy a cool and refresing burst of flavor with our Wild Cherry Wine Frappe mix! 

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