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DIY Easter Themed Wine Crafts

Our previous wine craft blogs were such a hit we decided to do a special an Easter edition! These crafts make great Easter decor for your home, or they can be used as gift favors for your guests. Check out our favorite DIY Easter-themed wine crafts below.

1) Wine Glass Candle Holders 

We've featured this crafter in our previous blogs, but because they're always a huge hit, there was no way we could exclude them from our Easter Wine Craft edition! These painted wine glass candle holders are super cute, and make an excellent centerpiece for Easter dinner. These instructions are for the candle holders, but you can also use them to decorate a regular wine glasses you want to drink from. Just make sure to use non-toxic, washable paint and materials if you choose that option. If painting isn't your thing or you're in a time crunch, you can try these wine candle holders instead. Simply take an over-sized wine glass and fill it with colorful grass, chocolate eggs, and more! You can find more instructions for the non-painted candle holders here.


2) Frosted Wine Glasses 

The simple, yet elegant, design of this craft makes it one of our favorites on this list. These instructions use stemless wine glasses, but traditional wine glasses can also be used if desired. Use your favorite spring and Easter colors to decorate. These make great Easter party favors!

3) Wine Glass Easter Egg Vases 

Decorate your home or add a little flair to your desk at work with these adorable Easter egg vases. Simply take a few stemless wine glasses, and paint them with your favorite spring pastel colors, and fill with your favorite faux plants! More detailed instructions can be found here. If you just want to paint your wine glasses and use them to drink from, you can follow these same decorating instructions, just make sure to use a non-toxic, washable paint.

4) Decorative Wine Bottles 

Decorative wine bottles can make a wonderful addition to your home. There are a ton of different designs you can use to decorate your wine bottles, but we picked a few of our favorites. 

  • These painted wine bottles were used for a baby shower, but if you want more of an Easter look, just swap out the colors they used for more pastel-hued paints.
  • Next, we found some bottles that are simpler in design, but provide an excellent base if you want to paint eggs, chicks or bunnies on them to give them more of an Easter look. Head to this page for more instructions (scroll down to the bottom to jump straight to the wine bottles).
  • These next gorgeous decorative wine bottles are perfect if you're not a fan of hand drawing, as they use a decorative stencil. All you need are some clear wine bottles, modge podge glue, several colors of glitter, and some brushes to get these elegant looking wine bottles. More instructions for the stenciled bottles can be found here
  • These last decorative bottles combine two of our favorite things: cupcakes and wine. For this craft, simply take Easter printed cupcake liners, and use modge podge to glue them to the bottle. As stated here in the instructions, don't use liners from cupcakes you've already eaten. It may seem like a great idea, especially after you've finished off a few bottles of wine, but it's not.


5) Wine Cork Bunny 

This craft is relatively easy to make and only requires a couple of materials. All you need are some wine corks and a hot glue gun and you can have an adorable peep-shaped wine cork bunny. If you have a lot of wine corks lying around, you can use corks to fill in the middle to make a solid bunny. More instructions can be found by visiting this craft blog.

6) Wine Cork Flower Wreath 

This awesome wine cork wreath will add a little flair to your home! You can use it strictly for Easter or leave it up through the summer. This one takes a lot of wine corks, so if you don't have that many lying around, many local crafts shops or even Amazon sell them in bulk. Click here for an easy, step by step, tutorial.

7) Wine Cork Kid Crafts

Did you know wine corks can make perfect craft accessories for kids? We found two easy crafts your kids will love (plus you get to drink the wine so it's a win for all of you). These adorable Wine Cork Pocket Pal Bunny Tales are super cute and very easy to make. You can check out the full tutorial here. We also found these cute Wine Cork Chicks. For this all you really need is a wine cork, child-friendly paint, and some markers. Check out these instructions for more ideas.

These crafts make great additions to our Wine Frappé Easter Baskets! Order a beautiful frappe gift basket today, and then customize it by adding one of these amazing crafts hand crafted by you. It makes a wonderful gift!

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