Welcome to Our New Website

After five months of brainstorms, late nights, and lots and lots of coffee, we're incredibly excited to introduce to you, our brand new website!Our old web design, which was launched back in 2008, … read more

Kick Off Your Summer with a Mojito Frappe

Mojito is our June 2017 Frappé of the Month! This tasty, mint-flavored treat, can be mixed with a variety of different liquors. Whether you want a mojito-flavored wine slushy, a traditional mojito, … read more

New Website Coming Soon!

Big changes are ahead!Our ultimate goal is to make your online shopping experience with us as easy as possible. Whether you're shopping for yourself, buying a gift, or simply browsing, we want to … read more

Enjoy a Margarita Frappé

Margarita is our May 2017 Frappé of the Month! This customer-favorite can be made with a variety of liquor and provides a quick way for you to enjoy a delicious no-hassle margarita in the comfort … read more

DIY Easter Themed Wine Crafts

Our previous wine craft blogs were such a hit we decided to do a special an Easter edition! These crafts make great Easter decor for your home, or they can be used as gift favors for your guests. Ch … read more